The World Coup – THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26]

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If Poverty Is Not a Factor in How Students Learn, Why …

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I was struck recently by a quote from Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University: “In the bottom quartile of family incomes, only nine percent of kids attain a college education, and, in the top quartile, 80 percent get a college education, regardless of academic ability.”

The “reformy” group currently trying to remake public education claims that it is only the quality of the teachers involved that determine how much kids learn. They are busily setting up Value Added Measures (VAMs) to determine how much each teacher contributes to the learning of his/her students and based primarily on those statistics making personnel decisions including firing “incompetent teachers.” Please realize that there is no research to back up this process being applied to education in any format. These systems were used at Microsoft Corporation, however, when Bill Gates ran that company. Interestingly enough, Bill Gates has paid for the vast majority…

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Help Me Attend the Holocaust Symposium at Appalachian State University This Year

Hello Everyone,

I am planning on going to the 2014 Martin & Doris Rosen Summer Symposium at Appalachian State University this year. I want to do this without using any school funds. Therefore, I am going to start raising money to attend this event. Your help will be greatly appreciated and will cover cost such as travel and food. All other cost are covered. I am including a link to a web site about the event below.

If you would like to support me please visit my Go Fund Me Page @ If you can not donate please share!


Richard A. Weir


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Jess Spear of Socialist Alternative party runs for Washington State House, U.S.

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Link to the Socialist Rifle Association’s Facebook Page

Socialist Rifle Association: Never Disarm the Working Class!


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Office Mix – Interactive #flipclass Lessons Made Simple @Microsoft_EDU @OfficeMixTeam


Interesting info for those looking to flip their classroom.

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced Office Mix. From their website:

Office Mix is an easy way to take your PowerPoint presentations and bring them to life as interactive online lessons. From recording audio or video of yourself giving a lecture, to directly writing in the presentation as you would at your whiteboard, to quizzing, to sharing, to seeing how it all worked – Office Mix helps you do it all simply.

I am fortunate to have been introduced to the tool several months back and have had the chance to play and see Office Mix develop in the months since. One of the topics I speak often about at conferences is adding interactive elements, such as embedded quizzes, into videos. So of course I am thrilled to see these tools made so easily available to us in the new PPT add-in. But ultimately, the ease of creating and sharing screencasts…

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