Teaching Students with ADHD: Helpful Suggestions for Teachers with Student Who Have ADHD (2010)

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common disabilities that teachers will come across during their teaching career.  It is important for teachers to not only understand this disability, but to learn strategies that will help their students.

ADHD is a disability that can begin in early childhood and extend throughout a person’s life. This disability can have negative effects on a person life at home, school, and within the community. It is conservatively estimated that up to 5 percent of students have ADHD. (Teaching Children with ADHD, 2010)

 ADHD is characterized by continuous difficulties in three specific areas:

  1. Inattentive
  2. Hyperactivity
  3. Impulsivity

It is the purpose of this handout to help teachers understand some strategies for dealing with student’s who have ADHD. The primary strategy that will be covered is assigning roles for students with ADHD. However, there will be other strategies…

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Multiculturalism in the Classroom

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Editor’s Note:
Recently I have bee looking
at old papers and blog post from years past. I think it is a good way to become more reflective and to see where I have been. As I look back I find that some of my views regarding education have changed and some have stayed the same. As I review past work I will be posting some that I feel might be relevant to my current educational philosophy.  The following is from a short research proposal written in 2009 while I was completing my Master of Arts in Teaching degree from East Carolina University. Please feel free to read and even comment on this and anything that I post.

We live in an ever increasing global society. This is a fact that can be seen in the classroom as well as in mainstream America. The world is a shrinking place and we…

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A Well Educated Populace is a Secure Populace

Over the past few years the most evident parts of our state and country’s conversation over educational expenses have centered on teacher pay. It is unfortunately true that teacher pay rates do not reflect the amount of work that they actually do or the awesome responsibilities they are given. The treatment of teachers by some politicians and members of the public is ghastly. We should look at the fact that we pay useless entertainers millions while many of our teachers live at the poverty level with great shame and disgust.

With that said, there is a need to adjust our national discussion for bit. Let us take a look at some of the issues outside of teacher pay. While it is a great issue to work with on the political stage, we need to remind ourselves that education is more than educators alone. This writer has never met an educator who’s main concern was not the students.

One should never claim that a person who would be willing to give his or her life for that of another is only interested in pay. The truth is that there have been teachers who have given their lives in defense of their students. It is also not uncommon for a teacher to give a hungry student food or supplies using money out of their own pockets.

The primary interest of any teacher is not himself or herself; their primary concern is the students. This is something that cannot be said of many politicians around the nation. Politicians tend to focus on those who might or might not vote for them during the next election. Parents, teachers, business owners, and others are often of more concern to them then the well being of a bunch of young people who cannot vote yet. This is wrong, but this is a fact of life.

Over the past decade our nation’s education system has been under constant assault. In North Carolina we have seen spending on education decreased as demands on students and teachers have increased. There have been calls for drastic cuts to spending across the board, not only to education but also to many different public sectors. This is often done in the name of reigning in our out of control government. While it is true that government is often not the most responsible or reactive when it comes to getting things done. We need to remember that there are some services that need public oversight and control.

Education is not one of those areas that is in need of being cut on a constant basis. It would be wonderful if some politicians remembered that teachers and students are not the causes of all of our society’s problems. One of the primary responsibilities of the state is to educate its populace. This is a fact that is often ignored or rejected. It is sad that we have politicians that speak about the importance of personal responsibility while slashing education and other public services that have been proven to bring about public good.

The state of North Carolina is a depressing example of a state that has cut spending in education. According to a recent article in the News and Observer, North Carolina spends about $8400 per student. That is about $2600 less then the national average and $10,000 less the highest per pupil spending in the United States; Washington, DC.

The state of North Carolina has seen a dramatic drop in spending on education since 2008. This drop has been blamed primarily on the Great Recession Many, therefore, assume that it was to be expected because of the economic downturn. The truth is that this 8.6% drop in student spending could not have come at a worse time and in fact reflected political realities more so than economic ones.

The fact is that between the years of 2008 to present it has become popular in some circles to blame our educational system for being a drag on the overall economy as well as state budgets. Every political movement has to have their scapegoats and certain groups have chosen educators and other public employees as theirs. This is often done by playing off the misunderstandings of a poorly informed public.

If there is any sector of public spending that needs more investment it is education. Studies have shown that a better-educated population is a more productive and secure population. Now this is not saying that everyone out their needs to be a college graduate. This is saying that every student out their needs to have the tools provided for them to make them the best citizen they can be. This cannot be done in the face of constant uncertainty over budgets and job security of teachers.

We need politicians in this country who are not afraid to stand up for our students. It is up to us, the voters, to demand that our schools are well funded and not overly centralized. Every student should have what they need to learn and teachers should be able to have what they need to teach with.

A better-educated populace would lead to a more productive populace. A more productive populace would lead to a reduction in government dependence, crime rates, and poverty. One might even go so far as to say that it could lead to a healthier population too. Everything we do in this country can be linked to the importance of a well-educated population. The only way to do that is to increase per pupil spending and end the culture of fear that surrounds anything public.

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Beware of Despotism


I thought I would share this old movie. There is truth in it.

- Richard

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Local Teacher Puts a Face to Unemployment Stats


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- For every unemployment statistic there is a face to see and a story to tell. In the east, highly qualified workers have been on the unemployment line for months.

At Richard and April Weir’s home, Christmas cards replace a tree. It would’ve been too much trouble this year. “It’s never off your mind,” said Richard. “In fact, it makes me quite angry. There’s a part of me that is extremely angry right now.”

A high school social studies teacher, Richard’s been unemployed for seven months. Last April, Richard’s principal at Farmville Central High School called him into his office. It wasn’t personal. “’It’s not your teaching,’” Richard said the principal told him. “’It’s nothing about you. It’s purely we will not have the money to renew this contract.’”

He thought telling his wife would be the hardest part. But that came just a few weeks later. April was pregnant. “The pressure is unbelievable, said Richard. “It’s hard. It’s hard.”

They had been trying to get pregnant for 11 years, but now the timing couldn’t be worse.

“Well what doctor’s appointment can we afford to go to this week? Can we afford the co-pay? Or should we get food this week?”

Richard looks for a job every day. He’s applied for teaching positions across the state. He has a Masters in Education from East Carolina University, but only one year teaching experience. Time and again, school districts turn him down.

“So it’s like the catch 22,” said April. “It’s like, he needs the experience but yet you’re not giving him the opportunity to show what he can do.”

April’s on maternity leave and Richard’s been drawing unemployment.

“This is thanks in large part to the food bank donations,” Richard said, looking at his pantry.

But soon they’ll have another mouth to feed. They’ve named their baby boy Connor, meaning ‘one who is wanted’.

“And being that we’ve tried for so long to have a baby, we felt like that was the perfect name to give our son,” said April. “So we chose Connor.”

It’s easy to worry.

“You have to have hope,” said Richard. “You have to have hope. I have to have hope that I’m gonna get a call and get a job. I have to have hope that next year will be better than this year.”

Richard interviewed for a job at Kinston High School Monday and hopes that will come through. Baby Connor is due December 30th, but doctors say he could come any day now.


I would like to add that this was based on a interview that took place over an hour and thirty minutes. During that time I expressed many view other than how pitiful we are right now. I spoke about politics and economics. I spoke about how there were people in far worse shape than us. I just want you all to know that there was more to my story than was told. Those of you who know me know this.

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New Bill Allows Military to Detain You Indefinitely

New Bill Allows Military to Detain You Indefinitely.

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The Spanish Anarchist

The Spanish Anarchist.

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